Press Release

Spirotech is acquiring Austrian company EDER

Helmond (NL) and Leisach (AT), 10 November 2021

Spirotech is acquiring the Austrian family business EDER for its technology, knowledge and experience in the field of pressurization in HVAC installations. Pressurisation in installations is essential for controlling the quality of the system water and, as a result, for optimising the performance and lifespan. The two family businesses have been working together for more than a decade. As of 1 January 2022, all pressurization activities and the approximately 90 employees of EDER Heizung (service provision) and Anton EDER (production and sales) will become part of Spirotech.

Exploiting synergy benefits and growth opportunities

The acquisition of EDER’s high-quality technology, knowledge and services for pressurization means that Spirotech will strengthen its range of solutions for improving system water quality. This will enable all customers and partners in the HVAC sector to benefit through Spirotech’s global sales network.

The complementary product portfolio, increase in scale and integration of both organisations will also provide interesting synergy benefits and growth opportunities. The acquisition will enable EDER to have better access to the global market and to continue its business activities.

EDER’s high-quality technology

Corporate culture and values

“We chose Spirotech based on our experiences during a decade of collaboration,” explains Alfred Eder, Sales manager of Anton Eder GmbH. “Spirotech, like EDER, is a family business in which quality provision has been paramount for over 65 years and where the knowledge and experience of all employees is seen as an important distinguishing asset.

This means that our employees will become part of a company with the same culture and values they are fully accustomed to.” Spirotech Operations will be responsible for the development, manufacturing and supply chain of the expansion and pressurization products, while EDER Sales and Service will become part of the Spirotech DACH sales team at Spirotech Commercial.

Investing in growth opportunities

“Because HVAC installations are becoming an increasingly important part of sustainable homes, offices and industrial complexes, we will continue to invest in growth opportunities in the coming years,” says Paul de Bruin, CCO of Spirotech. Hans Jacobs, COO of Spirotech adds: “Combining the knowledge and experience of Spirotech and EDER with innovation and the delivery of quality products and services enables us to provide future-proof solutions better and faster.

The production of the Spirotech range will remain located in Helmond/The Netherlands and will be expanded here in the coming years so that we can continue to meet the expected market growth. In addition, we have already purchased additional land in Leisach in Austria to enable us to expand our production capacity for the expected increase in demand for pressurization products.

Welcome to hte Spirotech Family